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The Gus

Memorial Fund

Who is Gus?


Before Dr. Dustin Brown married Dr. Deseree Brown, she had a dream of one day owning a Toy Australian Shepard with two crystal blue eyes.  Dr. Dustin knew this and after they were married, he decided to surprise her with her dream dog.  She fell in love immediately with him and named the little guy, Gus.  He quickly became Gus-Gus and was the center of attention for anyone who was around.  He went literally every where with Dr. Deseree and you could never catch one without the other.  He was with her through many milestones throughout her life.  Gus was the Brown's first dog together, first kid together, went through college with Dr. Deseree (yes...she took him to class), and was there when the Brown's had Daxter and Dyani.  He was a staple in the family and was there for them until the very end. Gus passed away from old age in November of 2018.  

To keep his giving spirit alive, Dr. Deseree came up with The Gus Memorial Fund. The Gus Memorial Fund is a pay it forward fund where when you give, 100% of the money is saved for a patient who's owner is trying to save them and have used all of their funds in the process of trying to save their best friend. 

You can give in any way whether it be cash, check, credit card, or PayPal. 100% of the money goes into the fund to help someone else save their best friend when their own money is exhausted. Below is the direct PayPal link if you would like to give!

If you are interested in more information or would love to give in a different way, please give us a call or talk to us in person!

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